Can Mobile App Increase Your Business Revenue?

Now this is the era of modernization. The use of smartphones is increasing rapidly. From children to older everyone is using smartphones. It is expected that around 3.5+ billion people are using smartphones all over the world in 2020. According to Statistic, mobile apps are estimated to make around $189 million by 2020.  So, it clearly indicates that businesses that came with mobile app gain more profit. Surely, most companies that come with apps have increased revenue, loyalty, and customer conversion and engagement. We will identify the major benefits of mobile apps which can increase your business revenue. This will help you to make a decision regarding a mobile app for your business.

Increase your digital presence through a mobile app

Approx 5.11billion unique mobile phones user are there worldwide and among them around 3.5+ billion people use smartphones.

  • 100 million people started using smartphones in 2019
  • 52% are internet user worldwide
  • Around 3.5+ billion smartphones user in 2020

The current global population is around 7.7 billion and among them 45.4% use smartphones. Your business can reach billions of people by using a mobile app. The mobile app will increase your digital presence and makes your business websites bigger. A mobile app makes standard categories of products send updates, placing shopping carts, featuring certain items and mobile apps offer almost everything’s that your websites have and increase global community.

Reward your customer with your mobile app

A mobile app that has a reward system can engage with people rapidly. Many apps reward their customer such as the carpool app Uber, Lyft, and Grab and their drivers get points so that they can use it for further purchases. Some companies give rewards to their customer with discounts, product partnerships, coupons, vouchers,s, etc. it makes customers feel like purchasing through your business is valuable much more compared to other companies.

Creating a gaming app can increase customer engagement

By creating gaming apps companies can reach their audience and engage with more people. Gaming app is such a way that customer or user always came back and use it more. This is an effective way to engage with people and it is one of the best ways that work.

For example, Shopee, is a popular mobile app for shopping in South East Asia. This app hold games for a limited amount of time so the customer can win a coin and use it for further shopping. This is a great idea for marketing your business and give a loyal fan base.

The mobile app provides updates to employee

Till now we discuss mobile apps for customers but it can help to manage your employee in any company. Sometimes companies use Email to contact their employee but it becomes difficult to manage a huge amount of employees. If your company have a mobile app you can send updates, work schedule, and appointment. It is very helpful to reduce inefficiency. The mobile app is a great way to introduce utility to your business for your employee.

A mobile app helps to increase customer engagement

Research shows that 35% of customers return frequently to the store due to the huge amount of engagement that they experience by mobile apps. Moreover, mobile app resolves customer queries and make service simpler. Engaging features always give positive results and customer feedback.

More Item purchase by the customer when they introduce with app

A mobile app helps to get potentials customers. Some customers hate search products as product catalogs are too long. When customers familiar with an app they will be returns and the potential customer becomes a purchasing customer when they get an effective fast answer. Sometimes potential customers move to other ways when they did not find the answer quickly. Every customer wants to know products description, price, way of delivery, quantitative measurement, quality description of products and mobile apps can give it very easily.

33% of customers who mobile apps buy more frequently, 34% buy more items, and 37% spend more compared to those who don’t. Now that’s a huge increase in sales.

The company with app is the first priority of loyal customer

The company with app create a large amount of loyal customer by loyalty programs. Loyalty programs can include membership and exclusive deals to customers. Some give incentives to their customer, discounts, real-time updates of sales, and announcements by push notifications. So business app became a powerful tool for business that loyal customer always come back to it.  

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